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€€Each one-of-a-kind BattleBell is handcrafted in America to meet the highest quality standards in beauty, tone, and design. The BattleBell's stainless steel body and interchangeable New England hardwood handle shine a new light on America's deep rooted bell tradition.          ‰€     

America's Finest Bell


Since 2012, thousands of BattleBells have found their way into the hands and hearts of many around the world. The BattleBell rings as a symbol of innumerable virtues, including unity, respect, honor, love, tradition, beauty, strengh and victory. Each and every BattleBell is hand crafted with the highest quality standards and is built to last for generations. This heirloom has an extensive variety of uses, and has become known as the world's finest bell.

Handcrafted in America



    Bells have been a historic and integral part of America's wonderful history. The BattleBell is built with the highest quality American manufacturing methods to represent our great nation with the utmost respect.


    The BattleBell helps fans create an exciting atmosphere in the arena, stadium, or on the field. BattleBells can be personalized with a team logo. Symbolic of acheivement, determination, victory, and success, the BattleBell is an appealing award or presentation piece. Custom engraving adds a beautiful touch to this one-of-a-kind symbol.

  • LOVE

    The BattleBell's beauty in detail symbolizes unity in love with every ring. Each BattleBell is uniquely made to order, and can be customized with an engraved message for the bride, groom, and wedding parties.

  • HOME

    Warm memories of family gathered around the table resonate in the BattleBell's beautiful and distinct tone. The hand crafted BattleBell is the perfect accent to any home or table, as well as an heirloom to be passed down through generations.

  • FARM

    The BattleBells resounding tone can be heard at great distances, making it the perfect utility tool for farm and plantation use. Common uses include calling, warning, and training. Each BattleBell is hand-crafted in America.


    Built with first-class quality standards to withstand any condition, the BattleBell ranks high in beauty, and tone, and class. Its distinct tone, high decibel level, and ease of use make it the perfect bell for any vessel. The BattleBell is a terrific piece of maritime culture.


Where are BattleBells Made?

BattleBells are hand crafted in the USA.

Can BattleBells be engraved?

Yes. We offer etch style engraving, laser engraving, and CNC engraving options.

What is TIG welding?

Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding, also known as Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), is an arc welding process that uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to produce the strongest, highest quality weld possible. This technique is one of the most complex forms of welding and takes years of experience to master.

How do the interchangeable handles work?

These handles are equipped with hardened steel inserts which easily screw on to the bell body creating an unsurpassed grip and eliminating handle splitting issues. The metal ferrules are made from heavy gauge, special kiln drawn steel and are zinc-plated to prevent corrosion.

Can BattleBells be shipped internationally?

Yes. BattleBells are shipped worldwide.  Please contact us prior to ordering if your order requires shipping outside of the continental USA.

What do I do if my bell breaks?

Contact us and we will take care of you!

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