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Find the perfect bell made just for you from craftsman custom handles to intricate designs.

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Our products celebrate tradition and help commemorate your college experience. BattleBells are built with precision craftsmanship and are designed to hold up for years to come.


The Cowbell Experience

Whether you're a new student or a proud alum, get the perfect item to commemorate your college experience.



Fantastic customer service! The bell is beautiful and one of the finest quality. Couldn't be more pleased.

Kendy Kosko

Perfect execution. 100% pleased with the finished product. Gave this as a gift to a good friend.

Ben Blake

A very loud bell with quality craftsmanship. Recommend the 12th man get one to make Davis Wade the toughest place in America to play college football.

Charles Depriest

Cowbell is awesome. Extremely loud and well made. I purchased it since we have a small cowbell collection. Delivery was quick and well packed.

Ted Roberts

How It's Made

Stainless Steel

Our bells are made from heavy duty 16 gauge stainless steel plates designed to increase durability.

Cut & Welded

Once cut, our sides are TIG welded into a solid body form with a 
no-break clapper assembly and reinforced neck.

Custom Finishings

We polish the steel and finish the bell depending on what you want. Flame torching, custom engravings, or custom handles.