Saturday, the Bulldogs will face their toughest competition yet as 10th-ranked LSU visits Starkville. And these cats might be a little frisky.

After all, the Tigers are coming off a painful loss to the SEC's other Dawgs, 44-41, in a contest that saw each team match the other score for score. Or what Louisianan's like to call a barn burner.

Mississippi State comes off a game that saw them score more points than their basketball squad will all season. But the pressing question is: Who will start at QB?

Tyler Russell was the clear starter at the beginning of the year, but in his rest from a concussion, backup Dak Prescott has more than impressed.

The other question is LSU's O vs. MSU's D. MSU allows 15 points a game. LSU scores 43. In the words of your favorite Jack Nicholson movie, something's gotta give.

At 6 p.m. on ESPN, it'll be a tough one.

But if I've learned anything from Homeward Bound: Dogs rule, cats drool.


~Sam Anderson


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