No Surprise Here

Nothing says 'true maroon' quite like scoring just enough points, getting just enough stops, and missing just enough field goals (classic!) to lose to Auburn.

This one was 24-20. And while it'd be nice (and sensical) to focus on the positives--offensive momentum, defensive adjustments, punting game--it all just gets lost in the shuffle when State can't close. If we can't be consistent for four quarters. If we can't take advantage of great performances.

Sophomore QB Dak Prescott got the start over Russell (surprisingly) and had a superb day (unsurprisingly), with 213 yards passing, 133 rushing and 2 TD's. Junior WR Robert Johnson caught 4 balls for 84 yards. Fellow junior WR Jameon Lewis had 64 yards and a 14-yard rushing TD.

But roughly none of that came in the 4th quarter.

While the Dawgs ended the last quarter with 40 yards, 2 punts and an expired clock; the Tigers decided to total 140 yards and to cap off their final drive with a winning touchdown with 10 seconds left.

It's not even about being clutch. It's about finishing what you started.


~Sam Anderson


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