It's all about the punt

When I recently wrote about MSU finding its identity this season, I had no idea it could be the punting game.

 With six attempts, Senior P Baker Swedenburg punted a total of 270 yards (45-yard avg) Saturday, with bombs that seemed to hang in the air until Christmas.

 But this was not Christmas. Because bragging about your punter is like instagramming yourself dieting. In the end, you're really losing.

 And in the end--although Swedenburg held the OK-State's talented WR Josh Stewart to just 7 yards in punt returning, and more importantly helped with the defense in slowing down the Cowboys' vaunted offense--the Dawgs lost pace, 21-3.

 The offensive side looked fairly anemic after the first drive, converting just 2 of their 16 third downs.

 But, at least, there are no more worries about State learning to respond to losing. Because Alcorn State is up next. And that should take care of that.


 -Sam Anderson


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