Gator Bowl

In two short years, Mississippi State's football program has gone from very promising to shaky at best. Just look at the two Gator Bowls.

In 2011, the Dawgs trounced a spry Michigan squad led by (Big 10 offensive MVP) Denard Robinson, 52-14.

Fifty-two. To fourteen.

MSU even broke the Gator Bowl record of most points scored. It was Michigan's worst bowl loss ever and worse overall loss since 1935.

In 2013, in a Tuesday morning "contest", MSU lost 34-20 to no. 20 Northwestern. Thirty-four...

Let's all agree, it was very un-SEC-like, which may be the biggest offense of all.

Speaking of offense, junior QB Tyler Russell led the Wildcats to victory by throwing 12-for-28 and 4 interceptions. Each pick worse than the prior. He began with a pick-6. And he ended with a desperate toss that must've been shot down by a duck hunter mid-air because it only went, like, 30 yards.

We can't know what will happen this offseason and we shouldn't pretend to know exactly what should.

But I've got this cowbell in my hand, and I'd just love the opportunity to be able to use it.

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