"From Sooie to Phooey"

If there's one team to help the Dawgs get back on track, it's the Hogs.

After going 10-2 last season, head coach Bobby Petrino thought he'd try the impossible and crash his motorcycle and get caught in an affair on the same day. But the underachiever not only did that, he
wrecked the Arkansas football program as well.

Now in the hands of some interim, Arkansas has been beaten by Rutgers, LA-Monroe and even Ole Miss. They're season headline must read, "From Sooie to Phooey" (headline writers really are brilliant, aren't they).

The game is played by the skin of their mascot. Are their hefty fans even allowed to eat pork after a win? Seems conflicting. And their most famous fan put together this little number after the Bama game...


So yeah, this is gonna be a fun one. 11:20 on the SEC network. Which basically means it's not on tv. So just head to Starkville, enjoy Davis-Wade Stadium and ring that cowbell.

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