Ladies and Gentlemen:

May I present to you, the game of the year. Sure, we hate those rebels and it's fun to beat them in the Egg Bowl. And, of course, we'd love to win whatever highly-touted bowl game we're invited to this year. 

But this is different. This is Bama. 
Alabama to be exact. That university that's just 80 miles away. And that state that's our main rival. Whether it's teenage pregnancy, obesity or courting your cousin, Alabama is neck and neck with us. Without any real effort at all. 
But football. FOOTBALL is something we actually want to win. Something we live for. Perhaps the only thing. (Seriously, what else?)
And as you probably know, Alabama is undefeated, currently ranked no. 1 and currently making everyone look like JUCO programs. They have arguably the best college football coach in the nation. So why does it all sound so familiar?

November 1, 1980. Alabama was undefeated, ranked no. 1 and had won 28 straight, including two national championships. Also, little known fact: they were coached by a man called Paul "Bear" Bryant.

The result?
Mississippi St. 6, Alabama 3

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