vs. Kentucky (cat meme)

The Kentucky Kittens (4-2) travel to Starkville today to determine which animal is better: dogs or cats? Hint: dogs.

Mississippi State (also 4-2) is coming off a couple of easy non-conference wins, building confidence in the passing game and that's pretty much it. Running and defense...eh.

But the good news is that the Dawgs know who they are now. Yeah, sometimes it takes half a season to find out. We have no run game (minus Dak, of course). Our defense is better late than never. It's time to give the keys -- all the keys -- to senior Dak Prescott.

Every drive, every series should be going for broke. Less punts, less runs, more deep throws to Ross and Wilson. Alabama is coming up soon and vanilla play-calling will not get the job done.

The second half begins tonight, and Kentucky is about as non-conference as the SEC gets. No excuses.

6:30 pm CT. SECN. Davis-Wade Stadium.

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