MSU vs. Troy

After a down game against A&M, Mississippi State gets to restart their engines in a relaxingSaturday afternoon affair against Troy.

The Trojan Men are 1-3 and not interested in trendy things like winning or scoring more 15 points a game. Troy plays for fun dang it; for the love of the game.

Well that's just perfect for the Dawgs who didn't have a whole lotta fun against TAMU.

But today, TODAY, that changes. For it is time to right the ship! Set sails for Victory! No time to remember fondly the strong rushing attacks of yesteryear. But charge forward with a relentless passing and passing and passing. Then a Dak run and then back to passing and passing and passing. Let De'Runnya Wilson be Julio Jones and tally 20 receptions, 147 yards and 3 TD's. All on 8 targets. Let Fred Ross free and challenge Wilson every series with 34 receptions, 188 yards and somehow no TD's.

Let Dak break the SEC record and be the new Timothy Tebow.

It begins TODAY.

3:00 pm CT. SECN. Davis-Wade Stadium.

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