The 21st-ranked Bulldogs are headed to 14th-ranked TAMU, hoping to build some more of that momentum. 
Notching a road win against the faltering Auburn Tigers, State has a potentially tougher task in a tougher environment. Sorta.
The untested Aggies are 4-0, but without Johnny Manziel are they ever that scary? While their offense can be dangerous and explosive, their best WR Speedy Noil is doubtful to play.
The Dawgs should start aggressive and knock out the 13th man (or whomever their fans are) early. The defense will work to perfect their bend-don't-break philosophy. But my main concern is that MSU has yet to provide a clear leader for the rushing attack. Dak will always get his, but junior RB Ashton Shumpert has yet to fill Josh Robinson's shoes. 
One could almost say MSU's kicker situation even seems more promising. Almost.
6:30 pm CT. SECN. Kyle Field. 

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