MSU @ Auburn Review

Another day, another win for the Bulldogs. State handily defeated the Auburn Tigers, 17-9, in a game that didn't feel all that close. 
Dak Prescott tossed two beautiful TD's with 270 yards, continuing his unsurprising great season. While the run game never really got going, it never needed to, with Auburn relegating their offense to the occasional field goal duty.
Speaking of field goal duty, it seems Mississippi State may have found a kicker, maybe. Possibly. I mean, I don't wanna jinx anything, but sophomore K Westin Graves is now 5 for 5 on the season, including a career long 44-yarder yesterday. 
So if there comes a time when MSU faces another LSU game scenario of needing a last-minute deep field goal, we could potentially be in good hands feet.
And if not, classic special teams.

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