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MSU vs. Northwestern State

After a tough loss to LSU and before a tough game against Auburn, Mississippi State (1-1) could use a breather. 
Enter Northwestern State, which may or may not be a real school (our researchers have yet to confirm). But if they are real, they're in the Southland Conference (also can't confirm this is a real conference) and 0-2. These Northwestern State Demons (not to be confused with Northwestern, a confirmed actual university) average about 18 points a game, so our defense should be able to handle that.
On the offensive side of things, let's see if MSU can get rolling from the beginning. To build up confidence from the start and show out a little for the home crowd. But my gut says Coach Dan Mullen and company are gonna keep testing Dak's arm, preparing him for the rest of the season.
Either way, expect some offensive fireworks and explosive plays throughout.
3:00 pm CT. SECN. Davis Wade Stadium.
P.S. Our researchers believe Northwestern State could be the school that Bobby Boucher played for in the iconic film, Waterboy.
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