Last season, MSU beat the Lady Tigers of LSU 34-29, in what started as an MSU beatdown, but ended with the Dawgs narrowly escaping Death Valley on a failed LSU hail mary. It was also Dak Prescott's breakout performance with 286 yards in the air, 105 on the ground and 3 total TD's, including that highlight-heavy run of him sprinting, stiff-arming, juking and diving his way into the end zone.
It would go down as one of many fans' favorite Mississippi State games ever, even with the scary as heck ending.
This year, the game is in our house for the home opener, with a raucous crowd hungry to get in the minds of HellSU with the loud yell of their cowbells.
Expect the baby bengals to be a little rusty after their season opener was cancelled due to lightning. 
Expect the Dawgs to come out firing. With the stadium full of fans trying to break sound records and the players desperate to forget about last week's sluggish performance, the Dawgs will play with passion and energy.
Beyond that, there's a lot we don't yet know about these two teams. But tonight we find out.
8:15 pm CT. ESPN. Davis Wade Stadium. 

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