MSU @ Southern Miss Recap

Was it the sloppy play or the fact that the game pushed past midnight that made us all wanna fall into a deep sleep and forget it all?
Either way, a win is a win and the Dawgs slowly pulled away from the Golden Seagulls with a 34-16 victory.
The Dawg D used the ol' bend-don't-break strategy with a few key 4th down stops, including a goal line stand. It was difficult to recognize the team we beat 49-0 last year. The difference being Southern Miss seems significantly improved and definitely a lot hungrier. Junior QB Nick Mullens led the way with over 300 yards passing.
State's offense didn't really get rolling until Dak finally started running the ball in the 3rd. And he still led the Dawgs with 72 yards rushing. Junior WR Fred Ross had 5 receptions (and probably 5 drops) for 75 yards. And let's just ignore those two ugly fumbles in the first quarter.
Special teams stayed special, but what was better than junior RB Brandon Holloway's touchdown return was sophomore K Westin Graves kicking two 35+ yarders through the uprights. Usually, it takes an MSU kicker about 4 games and 5 misses to get to that point.
All in all, a win is a win. And I have no idea what this will mean when we face LSU next week.

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