Introducing The New 2017 BATTLEBELL

The Heritage Edition BattleBell

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The Heritage Edition BattleBell symbolizes embodies victory. This bell is hand crafted in America and is manufactured to surpass industry quality standards. The BattleBell’s beautiful stainless steel body and distinct tone are both visually and audibly appealing. A Walnut belfry with custom engraved lid is included with each order. The outside of the bellfry's lid is engraved with the BattleBells logo.  The inside is engraved with the phrase, “The Battle Ends With Victory.” Each Heritage Edition BattleBell is unique due to the nature of hand crafted manufacturing. The stainless steel BattleBell victory bell is available in 10 inch sizing. The Heritage Edition Battlebell is 10 inches in height, measured from the bottom of the bell body to the top of the interchangeable New England hardwood handle, stained Walnut in color.

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*BattleBells are hand crafted.  Slight imperfections exist.