Introducing The New 2017 BATTLEBELL
The Graduate Edition BattleBell

The Graduate Edition BattleBell

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  • Step 2: Enter graduate's specific college, name, and graduation date in the "Add Instructions To Your Order" text box.
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      The 2017 Original BattleBell is the toughest BattleBell ever produced. It's 3 piece TIG welded body consists of 16 gauge stainless steel front, top, and back plates, and heavy duty 14 gauge stainless steel side plates. The redesigned handle attachment assembly is precisely machined from solid stainless steel rod.

    With it's detailed polish and laser work, the BattleBell is a representation of our state-of-the-art, uncompromised quality standards.


    Stainless Steel Construction
    Interchangeable New England hardwood handle
    Solid Body Tig Weld
    14 Ga. Heavy Duty Side Plates
    No-Break Clapper Assembly
    Limited Lifetime Warranty
    Hand Crafted in Mississippi