Introducing The New 2017 BATTLEBELL

BattleBelt Leather Holster

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The perfect accessory for all the cowbell enthusiasts who have had the problem of "Where do I put my cowbell when I'm not ringing the mess out of it?". We've all experienced the fatigue that comes with carrying our cowbells everywhere. Not anymore. BattleBells has partnered with GameDay Design Group to create the first ever quality, hand-crafted, all leather bell holster worthy of even the most elite Bulldogs. 

  • 100% Real Tennessee Leather
  • Secure solution to the "hands-free" problem.
  • Hand-crafted by true leather artisans.
  • Built to last in quality and design

*No two holsters are exactly the same, they each have their own unique personality. 

If you haven't had the chance to upgrade to a BattleBell yet,  we also offer the holster in the standard cowbell size. So everyone can be ready for Gameday. 

The BattleBelt Holster fits all 11" BattleBells and the Cowbelt Plus Holster fits all regular cowbells. Please choose your size below: