History of BattleBells

Early History

In 2012, BattleBells was founded by MSU Alumni Stephen Caples and John Howell.  Before BattleBells, Howell and Caples became friends through a shared respect and love for music.  During the college days, they spent countless hours writing music and performing around the state of Mississippi.  When they weren’t playing music, they were busy dreaming up ideas and ways to make a difference. One day while enjoying a meal together, Caples and Howell agreed to start a cowbell company, and BattleBells was born.  

Eager to share their new idea, Stephen and John presented their business plan to the MSU entrepreneurship center advisory board with hopes of obtaining  a grant to jumpstart their company. The presentation was received with tremendous excitement, and BattleBells received the grant. With $2000 and the guidance of the advisory board, BattleBells began producing cowbells and growing their business.

In 2013, BattleBells released The Original BattleBell.  Within only a few months of The Original BattleBell’s release, Mississippi State fans across the country adopted the Mississippi-made BattleBell as their own.  As each BattleBell made its way into Davis Wade stadium and surrounded Scott field, the noise grew louder, the wins increased, and a new standard was set for Mississippi State Football.

The Tradition Continues

Since 2013, thousands of BattleBells have made their ways into the hands and hearts of Mississippi State Bulldog fans.  We truly appreciate the support of our city, state, and country and are honored to represent the Mississippi State cowbell tradition as we enter the 2018 football season.  Hail State!

Scholarship and Internship Opportunities

John Howell, Stephen Caples, and the newest member of the BattleBells team, Chuck Lovorn, are committed to positively impacting the next generation of leaders in the Bulldog community by offering internship and scholarship opportunities through the BattleBells International Scholarship Fund.  If you are pursuing a degree in Business Administration or Business Information Systems, and would like to apply for our scholarship or internship opportunities, please contact us here.